Improving L-Point Mobile App Barcode Recognition: Optimal Combination of Influential Factors

LOTTE Members (2017. 06 ~ 2017. 08)


LOTTE Members Inc. is a branch companies for LOTTE group, one of large corporate in South Korea. LOTTE Members Inc. provides a membership services, advertisement, marketing and payment solution for better customer experience in using LOTTE product and service. LOTTE Members Inc. has its own mobile application, 'L.POINT', which uses barcode recognition technology for user identification. However, recognition errors had been reported but the reason was not identified.

LOTTE Members asked Designinize lab. to take on a research project to tackle barcode recognition error issues. Designize lab. hence set the research aims to 1) identify the influential factors on barcode recognition, 2) establish the optimal combination of the factors and 3) provide L.POINT UI (User Interface) design guideline.

1) Identify the influential factors on barcode recognition in mobile app environment

롯데멤버스_prj 이미지1.png

- Literature review

- Current application analysis

- Observational study

2) Establish the optimal combination of the influential factors

롯데멤버스_prj 이미지2.png

- Qualitative analysis (conjoint analysis)

- Staff interview

3) Develop a L.POINT UI (User Interface) design guideline

롯데멤버스_prj 이미지3.png

- Recommended barcode reader model

- Recommended barcode layout

- Recommended barcode form/size/color

- Recommendation on additional graphic elements