Ph.D. Theses

Impact of Organizational Conditions on Corporate Design Agility: With Emphasis on a Framework for Agility Capability
Kwon, E. Y., 2017

Activity-driven PSS design integrating expectation and experience factors of customer activity
Kim, E., 2016

Integrated Model of Competence Development for Middle-Level Design Managers
Kang, H. J., 2016

Strategic Touchpoint Design Management for Service Industry
Lee, K. S., 2013

A Comparative Study of Strategic Design Decision Making in Global Automobile Companies with Dual Brand Structure
Lee, D. O., 2013

A New Typology and Strategic Model of Design Promotion
Park, J. M., 2011

A Typology of Chief Executives’ Roles
Song, M. J., 2010

International Product Design Awards: the Nature and Strategic Use
Sung, W. O., 2010

Msc. Theses

Social Media Design Strategies for Fandom Social Project: with a focus on Characteristics of Designing Coalition
팬덤 소셜 프로젝트의 디자인 연합체적 특성에 따른 소셜 미디어 디자인 전략
Yang, H. S., 2019

Designing Interventions towards Journalistic Civic Engagement on Social Media for Local Government-Citizen Relations
지자체-시민 교류 소셜미디어 플랫폼에서의 시민 참여적 언론활동을 위한 인터벤션 디자인
Jung, J. H., 2019

Play with Ads: Wearing Brand as Self-Expression for Unacquainted Brand Promotion
익숙하지 않은 브랜드 홍보를 위한 자기 표현식 브랜드 인터랙션 전략
Kim, Y. B., 2018

Typology of learner needs for design management knowledge
디자인경영 지식에 대한 학습자 니즈 유형체계

Kim, G. Y., 2017

Utilization of Design Methods by Local Administrative Conditions: with a focus on planning phase of public service development
지자체 행정여건에 따른 디자인 방법 활용

Kim, C. R., 2016

Selecting Design Management Activities by SME’s Management Characteristics
중소기업의 경영 특성에 따른 디자인경영 활동의 선정

Lee, D. K., 2016

Effects of visual chronolinks on visual attractiveness of heritage automotive design
Park, Y. I., 2014

Types of utilizing color touch points by corporate brand attributes
Hong, S. Y., 2014

The Effects of Motivation on Crowd-sourced Design with a focus on participation, performance, and creative work environment
Jung, H. B., 2014

Correlation between visual consistency in automotive exterior design and consumer brand perception
Jo, H. W., 2014

Design Attributes of Product-Service System (PSS) – Typological Analysis according to User Involvement
Yang, S. N., 2013

Visual perception and Interpretation of Product Images in Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Design Projects
Park, M. S., 2013

Shift of Initial Product Emotion by its Accessory and the Influence exerted by Design Elements – with focus on smartphone and smartphone cases
Pyun, H. J., 2012

Study on Strategic Role of Design based on Establishing the Structure of Co-opetition
Choi E. J., 2010

Study on Practical Use of User-participated Design Process based on Users’ Creations
Yu H., 2010

A Study of a Basis for Industrial Design Service Valuation – Focused on Methods for Setting Design fees of Design Consultancies
Ham, S. A., 2009

The Role of Design in the Integration of Service-Product Systems – with cases on Public Bike Rental Systems
Jung, M. J., 2008

The Role of Design in Sustainable Work Environment
Lee, K. W., 2008