Development of Energy Harvesting Module for Electricity-Free Outdoor Sports Equipment

Small & Medium Business Administration (with makemake) (2016. 12 ~ 2017. 11)

Designize lab. conducted a research-based design project with makemake Inc., which was funded by Small & Medium Business Administration, a central government department of South Korea.

makemake Inc. has developed an energy harvesting module for outdoor sports equipment. The module uses eddy-current from electromotive force generated when the speed of magnetic material changes. The module hence does not need external electrical power such as battery. makemake Inc. are now attempting to develop new product using this technology.

In this project, Designize lab. and makemake Inc. aimed to develop new concepts for bicycle lights. 


The project consists of three major studies:

1) Extract key areas of concerns for designing bicycle light

메이크메이크_prj 이미지1.png

- Market trend research

- In-dept interviews with bicycle shop owners

2) Establish persona

메이크메이크_prj 이미지2.png

- Survey with bicycle club members

- Factor analysis & cluster analysis

3) Develop new product concept

메이크메이크_prj 이미지3.png

- Generative workshop

- Concept themes

- User scenarios