Consulting New Business Model Verification and Business Planning

KAIST Innovation Center (2018. 05 ~ 2018. 12)


Designize lab. conducted a consulting project for two prominent local companies in Daejeon city, South Korea.

The project aims to provide professional design and design management consulting to the local companies who have developed new technology but still not find appropriate business opportunities.


The project has three research phases.

1) Explore new technology-based business opportunitie

Trend Research

- Identify market needs and life trends (literature research)

- Analyze competitors (literature research) 

- Identify in-depth user needs (stimuli-based focus group interview)

- Define & improve Product-Market Fit (PMF) in an iterative cycle

2) Establish strategies for new technology-based business developmen


- Define target users and identify in-depth user need (survey)

- Generate new product / service concept (probe study, context mapping, participatory concept generation workshop)

- Establish concept themes


3) Develop a prototype

- Define key functionality of final concept

- Define key elements of the final concept (form, color, size, interfaces, etc.)

- Develop a look-and-feel prototype