Development of Hub-Book as a New way of Expansive and Selective Expert-knowledge Consumption

KAIST (2016. 04 ~ 2016. 12)

Designize lab. conducted a research project funded by KAIST High Risk High Return (HRHRP) program. The project aims to develop a Hubook, an integrated knowledge consumption platform.

In order to develop Hubook, Designize lab. conducted two-track studies: 1) study for establishing personas who are potential target learners of design management knowledge and 2) study for implementing and evaluating Hubook.

1) Establish personas and learning journeys of design management knowledge consumption

2016HRP_prj 이미지 1.png

- Identify perceptions of design management

- Identify needs of design management knowledge consumption

 2) Prototype Hubook

2016HRP_prj 이미지 2.png

- Technology / market trend research

- Concept generative workshop

- Implement Hubook and platform UX test

Final Prototype of Hubook

Final Prototype of Hubook

Ki-young NamKAIST, 2016