Two exhibition booths designed by Designed were reported in the press

Two members of Designize lab., Chorong Kim and Eunji Woo involved in 2019 ‘Failure-Expo in Daejeon.’

The Failure-Expo is a national-scaled public initiative of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, with a purpose of engaging citizens in sharing their failure-experiences in a healthy manner and utilizing these experiences as a resource for solving wicked social problems.

The Expo comprised of four regional exhibitions held by Deajeon, Jeonjoo, Deagoo and Gangwon.

For Daejeon exhibition, Chorong and Eunji designed two booths called ‘Failure Puzzle Display’ and ‘Failure Binoculars.’

During three days of the exhibition, the booths attracted over 400 visitors and were reported in the press including MBC and KTV.

Ki-young Nam