Campus Policy Design through Needs-based Stakeholder Network & Participatory Value Chain

KAIST (2016. 06 ~ 2016. 10)

Designize lab. conducted a research project funded by KAIST Faculty Council. The project aims to apply design thinking to develop campus policies including tuition fee, teaching assistant system, dormitory, campus cafeteria and other welfare system. 

The project consists of three following phases:

Project Road-map

Project Road-map

1) Understand Current Campus Policy System

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- Analyze current campus policies

- Conduct staff interviews

- Build stakeholder maps for each policy type

- Establish policy blueprints that show current policy development & Implementation process

2) Establish Stakeholder Needs-based Policy Blueprints

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- Conduct case studies (other universities's campus policy development systems)

- Conduct an online survey (quantitative data collection on students' needs)

- Conduct a photo study (qualitative data collection on students' needs)

3) Propose Directions for Improving Policies

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- Group workshop with campus students to improve the policy blueprints

- Expert interview to identify constraints for improving policies

- Establish value chains for sustainable policy development

Ki-young NamKAIST, 2016