Mentoring for Creating Business Values based on Design Thinking

KAIST Innovation Center (2018. 03 ~ 2018. 11)

Designize lab. conducted a mentoring project, which is a part of a local government initiative that supports Investment Relationship (IR) for small / venture companies in Daejeon City, South Korea.

The project was conducted in the form of working group and 10 companies participated in. Designize lab. designed the mentoring process with several sessions and contents for each session, and also operated the working groups. 

The purpose of working group is utilizing design thinking for strengthening business competitive power and commercialization strategy. The specific contents were differentiated by the special needs and conditions of each company.


The overall process of the working group has three phases:

1) Understand the market

IR멘토링_prj 이미지1.png

- Competitors analysis

- Market trend (consumption, technology, etc.) research

2) Establish company strength or product USP (Unique Selling Point)

IR멘토링_prj 이미지2.png

- Vision statement

- Product / Company brand identity

- Target market

- key user value

3) Build a Pitch-Deck plan for IR

IR멘토링_prj 이미지3.png

- Customer persona

- Product / service ecology

- User experience scenario