International Journals


The Design Journal

Organizational Conditions Supporting Design Function: South Korea in Reflection of Japan
Kwon, Y., Kanno, Y., Nam, K. & Chung, K. (Vol 20, Issue1, 2016)

Reflection on Design Excellence through International Product Design Award Schemes
Sung, W., Nam, K. & Chung, K. (Vol 12, Issue2, 2009)


Design Management Review

Policymaking and the Design Workshop: A New Business Direction
Kim.C. & Nam. K. (Vol 28, No.4, 2017)

How Agile is Your Design Business?
Kwon, Y., Nam, K. & Chung, K. (Vol 27, No.4, 2016)

Orchestrating Designable Touchpoints for Service Businesses
Lee, K., Chung, K. & Nam, K. (Vol 23, No.4, 2013)

Bottom-Up Design Leadership as a Strategic Tool
Nam, K. & Jung, M. (Vol 19, No.3, 2008)

International Journal of Affective Engineering
Activity-Driven PSS Design Method based on Emotional Customer Activity Modeling Integrating Expectation and Experience Factors
Kim, E, Lee, K & Nam, K (Vol 14, No.3, 2016)


International Journal of Design

A Competence Model for Design Managers: A Case Study of Middle Managers in Korea
Kang, H, Chung, K & Nam, K (Vol 9, No.2, 2015)


DMI Management Journal

The Impact of CEOs’ “Design-Driven” Decision-Making in the Korean Automobile Industry
Lee, D., Chung, K. & Nam, K. (Vol7, Issue 2, 2012)

The Chief Executive’s Influence on Corporate Design Management Activities
Song, M., Nam, K. & Chung, K. (Vol 5, Issue 1, 2010)

Strategic Use of International Product Design Award Schemes
Sung, W., Nam, K. & Chung, K. (Vol 5, Issue 1, 2010)

Promoting Design Nationally: Influential Factors
Park, J., Nam, K. & Chung, K. (Vol 12, Issue 2, 2010)

The Role of Chief Executive Officers in Design Management Exercise
Song, M., Nam, K. & Chung, K. (Vol 3, Issue 1, 2008)

 Domestic Journals

Journal of Design Management

Typology of Services for Managing for Managing Touchpoint Design
터치포인트 디자인 매니지먼트를 위한 서비스 유형 분류 체계 
Lee, K. & Nam, K. (Vol 3, No. 1, 2012)

Strategic Co-opetition Model for Industrial Design
Choi, E. & Nam, K. (Vol 1, No. 2, 2010)


Archives of Design Research

Design Criteria for Haemodialysis Patients Based on Self-Weight-Management Behaviour
Kim. B., Kim. C. & Nam, K. (Vol 32, No. 1, 2019)
(DOI will be updated)

What Conditions are needed to develop Middle-level Design Managers’ Competences: Enabling and Catalytic Factors
Kang, H, Chung, K & Nam, K. (Vol 30, No. 2, 2017)

Case study on Influential Factors on User-Created Design system operation
사용자 디자인 창작물 기반 프로세스 영향 요인 사례 연구
Nam, K, Yu, H & Kim, K (Vol 29, No. 4, 2016)

Service Design Utilization Framework for Local Public Service Planning
지자체 공공 서비스 기획을 위한 서비스 디자인 활용 프레임워크

Kim, C. & Nam, K. (Vol 29, No. 3, 2016)

Selecting Design Management Activities by SMEs’ Management Characteristics
중소기업의 경영 특성에 따른 디자인경영활동의 선정

Lee, D., Nam, K. & Chung. K. (Vol 29, No. 2, 2016)

Types of Utilizing Color Touchpoints by Corporate Brand Attributes
기업 브랜드 속성에 따른 색채터치포인트의 활용 유형

Hong, S. & Nam, K. (Vol 28, No. 3, 2016)

Transforming the Four Major River Restoration Project into a Design Project
Kim, K. & Nam, K. (Vol 23, No. 3, 2010)