International Conferences

ADIM Conference, LONDON, 2019

The Journey of Local Knowledge Toward Designing Neighbourhood Regeneration
Woo. E., Kim. C., & Nam. K.

(Full proceeding here)

DIS Conference, Hong Kong, 2018

Grumble to Policy Need: Deriving Public Policy Needs from Daily Life on Social Media Platform
Kim. C., Yang. H., Jang. S. & Nam. K.

DMI Conference, London, 2018

Designing Engagement for Local Public Policy Development
Kim. C., Woo. E. & Nam. K.

(Full proceeding here)

IASDR Conference, Cincinnati, 2017

Storytelling Technique for Building Use-case Scenarios for Design Development
Jang. S., & Nam. K.

(Full proceeding here)

DMA Conference, Hong Kong, 2017

User-Involved Design for Direct Citizen Participation in Policymaking: Adaptive Values, Adaptive Conditions and Common Ground
Kim, C., Kwon, E. & Nam, K.

(Full proceeding here)

Design Management Knowledge: Identifying Learning Objectives of Various Stakeholders for Needs-Driven Learning
Kim, G. & Nam, K.

DMI Conference, Boston, 2016

A Taxonomic Structure of Target Users for Design Management Knowledge Learning in Academia
Kim, G., Nam, K. & Borja de Mozota, B.

IASDR Conference, Brisbane, 2015

Self-Camera Positions to Make Myself More in Style
Kim, C. R., Kim, C. M., Nam, K., Na, N. & Suk, H.

International Design Congress, 2015

Problem-Definition Framework for Local Public Service Design
Kim, C. & Nam, K.

New innovation area from sychronization between existing product platform and socio-behavioral trend
Kim, G. & Nam, K.

Analogue sentiment for Smartphone: Innovation through Emerging Socio-Behavioural Trend
Thamjamrassri, P. & Nam, K.

DMI Conference, London, 2014

Design Requirements for Contemporaneity in Heritage Branding
Park, Y. & Nam, K. 

Criteria for Customer Activity-driven Product Service System Design
Kim,E., & Nam, K.

Tsinghua International Design Management Symposium, 2013

The Role of Servicescapes as Touchpoints for Different Service Settings
Lee, K., CHung, K. & Nam, K.

Cambridge Academic Design Management Conference, Cambridge, 2013

Measuring Design Organization’s Agility
Kwon, E., Chung, K. & Nam, K.

Cambridge Academic Design Management Conference, Cambridge, 2013

The Role of Design in Product-Service System through its Development in Manufacturing Industry
Yang, S. & Nam, K.

DMI 2012 International Research Conference, Boston, 2012

The Classification Scheme of the Product-Service Systems through Design Components
Yang, S., Nam, K. & Park, M.

Opportunities for Integrating Design Management into Executive Education
Kang, H., Chung, K. & Nam, K.

IASDR Conference, Delft, 2011

The Strategic Management of Design Promotion
Park, J. & Nam, K.

Cambridge Academic Design Management Conference, Cambridge, 2011

A Typology of Services for Managing Touchpoint Design
Lee, K. & Nam, K.

Winter American Marketing Association Conference, 2011

The Influence of Functioncal Culture and Innovation Knowledge Management on New Product Outcomes in Cross-functional Teams: Marketing, Design and R&D
Noble, C., Im, S. & Nam, K.

DMI Design Korea 2009 International Conference, 2009

The Chief Executive’s Influence on Corporate Design Management Activities
Song, M., Nam, K. & Chung, K.

Strategic Use of International Product Design Award Schemes
Sung, W., Nam, K. & Chung, K.

Identifying key elements for the management of design promotion
Park, J., Nam, K. & Chung, K.

IASDR Conference, Seoul, 2009

The Role of Design in the Integration of Service-Product Systems
Jung, M., Nam, K. & Yu, H.

The Role of Industrial Design in Sustainable Work Environment (Conference Paper)
Lee, K., Nam, K. & Choi, E.

D2B2 International Design Management Conference, Beijing, 2009

A New Taxonomy of Design Promotion and Analysis of Current Design Promotion System
Park, J. & Chung, K.

KSDS 2009 Spring International Conference, Seoul, 2009

Designing a Shared Mobile Phone in India (Conference Paper)
Yu, H., Nam, K., Lee, M. & Lee, S.

Designing a Communication Device for TONK
Choi, E., Nam, K., Nam, T., Seo, W., Jin, B. &  Kim, S.

Design Research Society Conference, Sheffield, 2008

Design Opportunities in Service-Product Combined Systems
Jung, M. & Nam, K.

IASDR Conference, Hong Kong, 2007

Connecting Curriculum to Industry
Nam, K., Jung, M. & Lee, K.

KEER Conference, Sapporo, 2007

Designing in Emotion for Product Maintenance Care
Jung, M. & Nam, K.

Domestic Conferences

Korea Society of Design Science Fall Conference, 2018

Beyond a Workshop: New Design Opportunities for Participatory Policy Development
Kim. C., Kim. J., & Nam, K.

Design Intervention Guideline for Merchant-led Neighborhood Revitalization
상인 주도의 골목상권 활성화를 위한 디자인 개입 장치 가이드라인
Woo. E., & Nam, K.

Korea Society of Design Science Spring Conference, 2017

Research on Needs and Usefulness of Group Persona in the Process of Empirical Design Research
Jung, J., Nam, K. & Lee, K.

Paparazzi Method : Probes Study by Family-documentation as an Inside-observer
Yang, H., Nam, K. & Lee, K.

Korea Society of Design Science Fall Conference, 2016

Design Criteria for Body Shape Improvement based on Behavioral Factors
Jang, S. & Nam, K.

Korea Society of Design Science Spring Conference, 2014

Building design strategy to improve dormitory student’s dietary life
Kim, C. & Nam, K.

Korea Society of Design Science Spring Conference, 2013

The Definition of Service Prototyping
Park, Y. & Nam, K.

KIDM Fall Conference, 2011

Service Classification Structure for Touchpoint Design Management
Lee, K. & Nam, K.

Korea Society of Design Science Fall Conference (Special Session), 2010

Corporate Strategy and Design Process: A Case of Convergence Education in Design
Nam, K.

Korea Society of Design Science Spring Conference, 2010

Designing Public Bench for Senior Citizens through User Research
Pyun, H. & Nam, K.

Korea Society of Design Science Spring Conference, 2007

Color Bridge, Conference Proceeding
Jung, M. & Nam, K.

Korea Society of Design Science Fall Conference, 2006

Strategic Alliance between Education and Industry, Conference Proceeding
Nam, K.